Chengdu Corder Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the subsidiary companys of The Institute of Optics & Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). The company's main products include the ASOM operation microscope, LX slit lamp microscope, bio-chip detector, retinal self-adaption optics imaging systems and other medical equipment. Products have past the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 :2003 quality management system certificates. We are the leading manufacturer of surgical microscope in China, and we can offer OEM, import-export, and other service too. And at present we became the sole agent of the 3D LCD of Super D company in southwest of China. Now Corder’s products has been sold all over China and has been exported to several foreign countries, such as Mid-east, Europe, United States etc. The brand ‘Corder’ has became a well-known brand in the domestic medical industry in China. Chengdu corder Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd is a governmental company. We are the first manufacturer which produce operation microscopes in China, We began to produce ASOM operation microscopes since 1970s, and now you can find ASOM operation microscopes in hospitals all over China.

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