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Optical shaft encoders series 

Applications and Features
Scope of application
As a kind of photoelectric feedback sensorthe input shaft of encoder may connect with any kinds of shaft to form mechatronics equipmentspeciallywith the shaft of motor to build controlled power equipment.The encoders have been widely used in industry and scientific research fields.
Measurement of Angle Displacement
For example, in order to measure the rotating angle of one object, the output shaft can be connected with the input shaft of the encoder, so the measured object has the same speed with the encoder to fulfill angle measurement.
Application in automatic-control
As a sensor to feedback the displacement,speed and other mechanical performances of measured objects, the photoelectric shaft encoders are essential components in the applications of automatic-control system.
Measurement of space position
The encoders have been successfully used in theodolit. In a theodolit system, the direction and tilt shaft are connected to the input shaft of encoders to form a coaxial shaft. When motor rotating and the equipment is in the working state, the working direction of theodolit and tracking target information can be output from the encoder and transmitted to computer. After calculating and processing, the computers get the results or give the instructions to complete automatic measuring and tracking. The encoders play an important roll in navigation and radar navigation system
Measurement of linear displacement
By using encoder to measure linear displacement, it needs to match machinery, such as drive parts, digital circuit, and computer to establish a measuring system. The displacement is transmitted to shaft encoder by means of drive part and shaft outputs binary codes or electric signal, produced by encoder. After calculating, it is put into digital circuit, and then digital circuits output the calculated displacement and transmit it to display, so as control signal is feed back to motor to realize closed loop control system.
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Output Form
EVoltage output
CCollector open output
DLong distance drive outputSN75113
PLong distance drive outputAM26LS31
HLong distance drive output3487
FComplement output
GBZ04B-2500pr WZ05C, it means GBZ series, 04B structure, the line pairs per cycle is 2500, two signals which angle phase is 90 degree, with zero signa, power supply is DC 5V, collector open output.
Ordering encoders, you are required to give the instructions about the following items: model, pulse number per cycle, Voltage of power supply, output form. and exceptional requirements if you have.
Drive output mode
In order to improve the anti-interference ability or for long distance transmission, it is recommended to adopt the drive output mode, namely the D.P. output form. In the drive output mode, the drive element inside encoder is SN 75113 or 26LS31DC(PC). It needs customer to provide two receiving elements. You can get them from us by paying the cost.
Direction recognizing circuit  
For normal encoder, there is no direction recognizing circuit. If customer need. The direction recognizing circuit could be added at the outside of encoder by means of the 90 degrees difference of A and B signals. If you’d like to put the circuit inside the encoder, it can be done in our workshop and you only need to pay some additional charge.
Connection of the encoder shaft with customers shaft
It is not permitted to connect with rigid coupling. The flexible coupling manufactured by US is suitable for connect the enccoder shaft with customer’s shah. It is very convenient with it. In order to easy mount, please choose the size what you needed as the following drawings.

If you have any questions about shaft encoder, please explore  the website: www.cdcorder.com, or contact by telphone: 0086 28 85100375

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